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VideoWall Structure



The purpose of this project is the need to calculate and build a platform as minimalist as possible to integrate in their structure a total of 9 TV’s Plasma 46 ” in format 3×3.

The design has focused primarily on minimizing the impact of supporting structure due to the fate of their location and in turn it should meet the mechanical requirements that would ensure it’s structural capacity. El Mercat de la Boqueria of Barcelona is known for its high number of visitors and limited space, so it was imperative necessity successfully integrate the structure without interfering in the space enabled.

The result is a solid structure, minimalist and integrated into the overall market in which a deserved recognition for its viability and implementation.

The project was commissioned by Televisió de Catalunya (TV3).


Public administration

Noticia a TV3.cat: TV3 instal·la una gran pantalla al Mercat de la Boqueria