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Prototip Barana Fotovoltaica

Prototype Railing Photovoltaic

JAE Pirba


Building integration of energy collection systems, allows these to be more energy efficient. Our client knows it and that’s why Inngenia trusted to carry out the design and prototyping of a system based on photovoltaic rails.

The railing as a functional element offers the possibility to be used as a system of solar energy collection and be integrated into the buildings as well as decoration.
The design concept started from the basis of creating a product with thin lines using stainless steel as a material for the construction of the structure. Its peculiarity is that the system allows the possibility of adjusting its inclination to a certain number of degrees.

The collection system is based on ASi solar panels (amorphous silicon thin film), which maintains stable performance in a vertical position as opposed to another type of technology at a lower cost.


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